35 thoughts on “You Requested For A TRUMP Themed Slot Machine… Effectively, Right here It Is!”
  1. mma mmaps says:

    You are so funny lol

  2. teamfortresswiki says:

    If you manage to break the Trump piggy bank you get a small win of a million dollars

  3. bigini virginie says:


  4. Bama Girl says:

    Did you really vote for Trump again to settle a debt with EZ? Inquiring minds want to know…..thanks for the video, always interesting.

  5. Jeffrey Dektor says:

    Trump slot? Takes all your money and then file for bankruptcy protection?? That’s HHUUUGE

  6. Robert Vick says:

    Report this video as hateful and dislike.

  7. David Campos says:

    Poke some panda trucks in the eyes hahahaha

  8. Casey K says:

    Well good mornin' ya sacks of crap!

  9. Rebena Q says:

    Think for GF If you make over $750. You can quit.

  10. B10Gone says:

    Fuh Q know what rules are made for. Love the channel..

  11. Daisy Duarte says:

    LMFAO!!! Now this is comedy.

  12. Katherine Uribe says:

    The name Ho Chunk in itself is Trump themed.

  13. joey p says:

    I would love a game where the Trump feature paid you for losing then the Biden multiplier kept paying you because he forgot you already were paid lol

  14. Carol Johnson says:

    Arrow next time pay SD-Guy!!!! Get the darn deed!!!!

  15. Sannie Hoslter says:

    Question I know win alot but what got protection I heard stories of people winning alot end up getting jump and Rob in parking lot just asking SD guy

  16. Judy Gilbert says:

    I do not see you lose like this before. Wow!

  17. Hector Lizarraga says:

    TRUMP 2020

  18. Verlinda Franklin says:

    I've never seen you play buffalo

  19. Angelina Santos says:

    Thank you I enjoyed your video!

  20. darryl paynts says:

    You going to do a Biden one next? Or is it the wizard of oz one with all the munchkins that look like kids?

  21. Gail Glick says:

    And the more chili's is so tight we call it LESS CHILI'S! Lol

  22. ron alvarado says:

    Take us daddy. You are so funny!

  23. Amy Kinn says:

    Love your videos, but how about leaving politics out of it?!

  24. Kosala Sar says:

    Good video I like your channel.

  25. Zach Spang says:

    Im going to murder 10 pandas in ur name

  26. Miss Qt314 says:

    U look like trump lol kid! Lol

  27. Matt Smith says:

    More chili bonus, next time say ….Bean Me Bitch!

  28. Bonnie Trapp says:

    Lol too funny love you SD guy

  29. cancel this says:

    It has paid off way more times by sticking to the G damn rules lol it's ok to take a L here and there

  30. Matt K says:

    How funny…I thought I was the only person that played up or down to the nearest hundred haha!

  31. Jack Daniels says:

    I respect the rules you stick by more than you know

  32. SoulDoutt Gamer says:

    Hah hah you lost

  33. Michelle Denieff says:


  34. Mark Stephen says:

    Gotta love those 3X bonus rounds…

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