41 thoughts on “your buddy who has no concept how one can play poker half 3”
  1. Greg Goes All In says:

    Sub like comment plz thx daddies

  2. david ludwig says:

    I just turned 3 dollars into 75 bucks. Suck it, noobs! I'm the poker master.

  3. Yes, Indeed says:

    Continuity error:

    There should be a white chalk line in that ally displaying Courtney’s vengeance.

  4. lauri törnström says:

    Someone was out of ideas

  5. Jimie Rustler says:

    Love your videos bro! hope the RYE thing paid well and it isn't permanent ❤

  6. Johnny Rivera says:

    The theater degree is putting in work. Nice emotional turn. I got the feels man!

  7. Skyler York says:

    So intense but also best meme vid yet XD

  8. Donnie Acarbro says:

    How the hell you get any furniture in that house with that small ass walk way lmfao

  9. Poker RP says:

    What girl has a Trenchcoat ?

  10. Soto says:


  11. J J says:

    oh my god bro you fkking killed me with the bencb angel thingy..

  12. Bruce Folger says:

    Won't get those 3 minutes and 11 seconds back……

  13. Syd Borton says:

    okay cinematography!!!

  14. Spyder War Team says:

    Its good but We need better editing. LOL

  15. xExtremeFrissonx says:

    The girlfriend leaving made this relatable

  16. Stefan Carlberg says:

    Such awesome production value, Raise Your Edge must pay well

  17. Ime Prezime says:

    If only this worked in real life

  18. Austin Murphy says:

    leaving a comment for the algorithm

  19. Garfieldno says:

    Ben the angel LOL

  20. SCCheeseCannon says:

    Honestly I fully expected it to be gus hansen


    Damn, rainy alley after a loss, lol, brings back memories…

  22. Ryzorrin says:

    This is basically Rounders done in 3 minutes.

  23. Muntazir Ali says:

    Hahaha awesome

  24. Joseph Avalos says:

    Give Courtney my number eh, you hoser… I'll buy you a Molson.

    I'm learning my second language— Canadian!

  25. Joseph Avalos says:

    I was emotionally drained watching all the drama unfold #GregAlmostPuntsHisLife

  26. Eric A says:

    Those who "can" DO….Those who "can't do" TEACH

  27. nikohow says:


  28. cactuarnoob100 says:

    So if I’m contemplating jumping off a cliff just remember bencb will save me from demise.

  29. Gal Vidmar says:

    I thought he said razor edge and he was gonna commit suicide by cutting his neck

  30. Swag Dad says:

    Ok you’ve outdone yourself here

  31. Santa Clause says:

    Go all eeen

  32. Kevin Bouley says:

    I just got Jebaited.

  33. Joel McIntyre says:

    Thats the funniest ad I've ever seen. When ben flew in I died

  34. cheesecows666 says:

    Still a better love story than twilight

  35. Rockyall says:

    wow that's an amazingly unexpected cameo.. congrats!

  36. Yudhing Chow says:

    This is just freaking amazing!

  37. Shiyi YIN says:

    holy shit, nice cinematography, editing and acting

  38. DonPatsify says:

    How in god's name did you get bencb to do that…

  39. WaiHoe26 says:

    Thing is getting too real, where is my poker meme LOLOL

  40. Alex Lake says:

    This is what I feel like the plot of rounders part 2 would look like

  41. wigglerworm says:

    hello? Yes? Oscar Panel? I have a nominee.

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