4 thoughts on “You're A FISH – Get Over It! | Crimson Chip Poker S4E21”
  1. mike Vincent says:

    If someone called me I fish I’d ask them to show me their graph

  2. Alkemik Kameleon says:

    @[email protected] is no problem, but when Sweeny calls people @[email protected] or @[email protected] because of their inexperience with poker it shows his own lack of intelligence and character, and drives people away from Red Chip Poker. Facts. Keep up the good work [email protected]!

  3. rockpile says:

    Poor chess players are also called fish. Chess has a rating system. That's one of the things that makes it generally not a good activity for making money, unless you are part of the world-class elite (top 0.001%).

  4. Qtunneler says:

    Personally, I love being called a fish. I'm not a world beater but I do work on my game and have a pretty solid grasp of most concepts. So I have to ask why does he think that, and how can I exploit that? Maybe my "fishy" call was just MDF and now I know he probably doesn't understand ranges well. It seems to me his not understanding my plays says more about his level than mine. I learned long ago not to "assume" bad about someone else's play. When I think something is bad, it usually is but upon further analysis it is often something I had not been exposed to or considered before and might even be something I incorporate into my own game.
    Besides, if they were really that good, would they be tapping the aquarium by calling out my fishiness? Best to just keep the game friendly and enjoyable so they want to return, it's just +ev. Tnmts can be different but keep the names to yourself, otherwise you're exposing yourself as the fish.

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